Classic Rugby Shirts Week – bringing you the greatest rugby shirts on the planet


Well over the last week I have posted some excellent shirts to the site starting with the British Lions/ New Zealand half and half shirt BNWT from 2005. BNWT shirts from 10 years ago are hard to find and this is a very collectable shirt as it is




With the World Cup later in the year, customers are buying vintage shirts to support their teams with, I have posted 2 Wales player issue shirts, one of which, the 2008/10 Home shirt is pictured below. I always like the feel of these and although its player issue would look good having a pint in




Another BNWT shirt is this Scotland Canterbury shirt, I also posted some other Scotland shirts to the site











Love it or loathe it I posted a 1993 England Alternative Shirt made by Cotton Traders, an unusual one this and not to everyones liking and will possibly appeal more to collectors

Another BNWT shirt is the England 2003 shirt, the 2003 shirts are good sellers and I would recommend buying these now as theĀ supporters are keen to show off that England did win the World Cup once.




Another England shirt added is the 1871 Limited Edition shirt again BNWT, a lovely looking shirt this one




A couple of unusual International shirts were posted this week, firstly the Namibia shirt with lovely cow markings on and sponsored by the Namibian Milk Board, will surely got you some looks walking down the High Street


Secondly its not every day you come across a Guyana Rugby Shirt, this one was used in the 2007 World Cup Qualification games, very rare and highly collectable


Lastly for international shirts, and not forgetting rugby league an Australia shirt from 1994 was added. A very nice shirt



Thats it for this week on the international side, I’ll be completing a blog on club shirts later with some old Cardiff, Cornwall and Wasps shirts the highlights, so look out for that


Classic Rugby Shirts

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